Bichon, Shitzu, Cockapoo Maltese $60.5
Lab Retriever $72.5
Border Collie $77
Soft Coated Wheaton $82.5
German Shepherd $99
Rottweiler $82.5
Golden Retriever $77
Schnauzer $62.5
Golden Doodle $93.5
Westie $60.5
Great Pyrenees $176
Long Hair Cat $65
Labradoodle $82.5
Short Hair Cat $60.5
*Prices vary by groomer depending on level of experience and education*

All of our spaw packages include an organic bath, blow out and brush, ear cleaning followed by a nail trim.

We price according to the breed, condition of the coat, size, and what type of trimming requested by the owner or if there are any special needs involved. We can give you an estimate and will confirm the charges when you bring your fur baby in for its appointment.

Add ons:

Please note an add on is an additional cost on top of your grooming service. Listed here are the following options:

  1. Dremmel (grinding of the nails)
  2. Teeth brushing
  3. Nail painting
  4. Paw cream
  5. Feather extensions
  6. Blueberry facial
  7. Paw fizz
  8. Ear plucking
  9. De Shed
  10. Flea tick shampoo
  11. De Skunk
  12. Ear colour and/or tail colour
  13. Soft paws for both dogs and cats
Off the Leash Pet Grooming - Office

Also listed under add ons are the following because they require more time and blade care:

Stop by or make an appointment for your fur baby over the phone or on our online booking service! Treat your animal to a stress free spaw day with a certified groomer because after all life is easier when someone does all the dirty work for you!