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Off The Leash Pet Grooming

Treat your furry friend to a relaxing and rewarding spaw day that's both beneficial to your pet's health and appearance! Whether your dog needs a warm soapy bath, a good undercoat brushing or a cut for their furry coat, we provide all of the above. Every grooming includes a deep conditioning scrub and blow out, brush, ear cleaning, regular nail trimming, finishing spray & accessory.

Add our Teeth Brushing service to avoid other diseases and future infections. Our Dremel service will get those nails extra short so they look good and add a range of health benefits that come with having healthy nails.

We are proud to be Regina's first grooming salon to put the kennels away. That's right, no more added stress of kenneling your pet before or after the groom. We schedule an hour and a half for each groom to provide a quality service for you and your pet.

Have to work or plan on taking longer than an hour and a half? Feel free to use our daycare services for a small extra charge so theirs no rush to pick up or drop off as we work around your busy lifestyles. If you know your pet will be attending daycare, plan ahead and book your grooming service in the afternoon. Get ready to pick up a tired and pampered pet at the end of your workday.

Book online now to reserve the grooming service your furry friend deserves! Use the comment space provided to specify breed and other accommodations.

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