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Here at Off the Leash we believe there are 5 reasons to regularly groom your fur baby.

Reason 1: A regular scheduled grooming service will benefit not only your pet but you yourself. Studies have proven brushing your pet daily can help relax you as well as your pet. Animals that are repeatedly groomed have shinier coats because regular brushing and combing improves blood supply going to the skin.

Reason 2: Everybody loves a freshly groomed pet. Matt and tangle free, with a clean coat and skin! You show affection to your pet when you have them groomed and might even go as far as showing them off. Animals always feel better when they are professionally groomed and tend to look a heck of a lot better too! We recommend nails being done every 3 weeks to avoid injury or pain.

Reason 3: By treating your pet to a regular spaw day we are constantly looking over every part of your pets body and always pick up on irregular bumps and lumps. By grooming your dog regularly you can prevent certain illnesses like skin disease and parasites. This will not only avoid serious medical bills down the road but will give you a clear piece of mind and a little extra green in your pocket.

Reason 4: You brush your teeth daily don't you? Why wouldn't you brush your love child's teeth or find a way to maintain dental health.

Reason 5: While all shedding cannot be completely avoided, daily brushing and weekly baths with a conditioning shampoo will help cut back on the need to vacuum the house. Most animals cannot cool themselves well enough so it is necessary to trim their hair and remove the undercoat so their body temperature is sustained and their skin can breathe. The trained team at OTL understands how to properly use special tools to use to help those shedding animals.

Socialize, control shedding, avoid medical problems, dental health and appearance is what Off the Leash has to offer because at the end of the day our salon is where fur and fun meet.